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About Ukraine Global Scholars

Ukraine Global Scholars (UGS) is a 501(c)(3) public charity registered in Boston, MA, and Kyiv, Ukraine, working with the emerging new generation of Ukrainian leaders. Each year, the UGS team identifies exceptionally talented high school students across Ukraine, all from modest-income families, and guides them through the application process to the world's top boarding schools and colleges. In the United States and across the globe UGS, works with educational institutions to ensure that UGS scholars receive full scholarships and all the necessary financial support to travel and enroll in full-time high school and undergraduate programs. All UGS scholars are required to complete summer internships in Ukraine, leveraging their education and already making a difference in Ukraine. Within five years after graduation from the world's top boarding schools and colleges, students must return to Ukraine and take full-time positions in Ukraine-based businesses and organizations.

Since 2015, Ukraine Global Scholars has placed 250 Ukrainian high school students at top boarding schools (e.g., Andover, Choate Rosemary Hall, Deerfield, Lawrenceville, etc.) and colleges (e.g., Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Dartmouth, etc.) with 1 paid full-time staff member, 4 independent contractors, and 100+ volunteers. At some of these institutions, UGS scholars were the first Ukrainians to enroll alongside international students from the Asia Pacific, Latin America, Africa, and other regions that have been represented on US campuses for decades.

NOTE: For additional information and questions, contact Helen Pidgorna, UGS Program Director, at You can find UGS Annual Reports on our website You can access our free online course on Prometheus here. For your reference, Ukraine Global Scholars Foundation's EIN is 81-0847939. UGS mailing address in the US is 177 Huntington Avenue, 17th floor, # 1788, Boston, MA 02115.